Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pictures keep memories

This is the massage stick I mentioned. Bought it from KK. Bought a mahjong one for my grandma.
I know it's cute ^^

I was drinking hot chocolate at home(Seria) and I thought if ah hua asks me what I want for valentine, I will say, "Hot chocolate."
But who knows, without me mentioning, he bought it already for me to drink at my hostel *lam^^*

These are some pictures taken on 1st Jan.
My legs tired wearing heels the whole day, my feet was resting at teng's

Visit Empire hotel because a friend from KL came.

Hah! like ah pek XD

Go away, paparazzi!

Thought for the whole, I decide to take 6 subjects for this sem.
urhh...hope I don't make wrong decision.

I saw one of the photos in FB of someone, and I find it very offensive.
When I was 15, I don't know how to edit pictures, make it ugly and bad, and show it to everyone, even now I don't do that too.
Really pity for the victim.
FB kills XD JK...only if those people don't make good use of it.

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