Friday, January 29, 2010

Consumer fair 5

Today is my 2nd time going to consumer fair. Yesterday is the launching, and today is to visit the Winter Wonderland and buy something which didnt get to buy yesterday.

I may go for the 3rd time to do my project. Because need to do observation.

Very kek dao lo the winter wonderland, I thought need to wear jacket, like those 0 degree Celsius, sekali they put few air-con which you wont feel cold even, u might feel hot tim...
$1 per adult


Ah hua bought the interior design sticker to decorate his new room.
He bought the footprints design ^^ simple, cool, nice...

The cooking booths are the most interesting one for me.
Especially the chinese salesman, they talk funnily. Good skill to attract customers.

Not blogging for few days because I can't connect to mozilla altho I online.

Yesterday is the 1st time I cook dinner, not instant noodle but rice. Normally at hostel, I only help to cut vege and open cans. But because chien is coming back late so I was the chef. I cooked for 4 person, and they said HO CHIAK!!

Ah hua is one of them. I prepared two containers of the dinner, one for me and one for him. He said he has not appetite and asked whether I cooked a lot but in the end, he ate quarter of mine =.=He said too delicious wa. ^^ I did took a picture of it, but can't bluetooth to my phone, may be tomorrow I show u la ^^

Even susan who doesnt like baked beans, she said the baked beans is nice. ^^

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