Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flavours @ Gadong

Ah Hua super stress, so accompanied him to dinner. We ate at Flavours.

A restaurant of chinese, western and local foods. The weak thing is the service. While the waiter is taking down our order, without saying 'excuse me', he went and talked to his friend. It's obviously rude because I was asking him questions and he turned back.

When we pay the bill, he passed us the receipt with one hand, put the receipt with a bit too much energy (almost consider as throw) on the table, turned back and talked to his friend again! So not professional. Customers don't need a professional waiter to serve, but at least served in a polite.

This is Java Float which written in the menu "Must Try".
It's a coffee float. May be i'm not a coffee lover so I don't think it's nice.

This is Oh Oreo Ice-Blended. This tastes much more better. But I think it's too watery.

I took pictures of our foods using hua's cam, forgot to bluetooth.
I ordered Chicken chop with baked rice. Costs $7.00.
Has cheese on top of the chicken chop. Not bad, makes you full.

Ah hua ordered grilled steak with french fries. $8.
I prefer my chicken chop ^^

Funnily, their clock looks like this. Anti-clockwise. haha

富貴門 is a hong kong series. A series which launched months ago, but I haven't watch. Now I'm watching. It's about money, family and love.
There are so many movies about husbands having gf outside, but this is the only series which makes me so angry of the husband. Makes me so angry when that guy raped the girl.
I think the actors are good, thy are SO GOOD in acting, making the story looks so real, makes me angry and sad. OH!!!!! great series.


Anonymous said...

hello ya hui. seng yee here. can bolo me tat disc copy!!!???? xD

雅雅 Yaya said...

u mean born rich? it's in my HDD

Chris Chong said...

hey i watched this series. It is so awesome. Gallen Lo is so good in his acting and the storyline is awesome too. I guess there won't be another series like this in this coming several years. really looking forward another TVB series of Gallen Lo acting as a bad guy again.