Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dare you?

I love my monday's lecture, Business communications! Although it's 4pm to 6pm, where people get hungry and tired easily, BUT I never feel that, I guess the others don't feel that too. Because our lecturers are all interesting, funny and cool. We have different lecturers every week and every lecturers are so cool!

Yesterday is a chinese lecturer, he speaks a bit chinese which made the malays don't get what he means, but the chinese keep HAHA-ing. Really ho-chio lo. He even included chinese words like 丢面子,给面子。。。

Ah Hua is back from Sawadeekap. He bought me so many things! Sleeping slippers, bag chain, Bag, bangles, umbrella and mountain of clothes. I thought I just told him my cabinet is going to burst. He's so nervous that the clothes are not my taste. Well, all pass. Hah, not that bad la. Hubby knows wify's taste.

Guys' taste for sure sometimes differ from girls'. But I appreciate everything he gives. Although may be not nice in terms of look, but meaningful in the quality. How many guys will go into boutiques full of girls and think about which clothes are suitable? Some guys will feel uneasy to be in there. Or this world has been modernised that all guys dare to go boutique alone and choose clothes for the girls? But I know my daddy and ah Hua do that when they go oversea.

I was so shocked when he told me that he bought a bag for me. I was like, "Hah!? can or not o?" Luckily, it's a sporty kind. ^^ I didn't say thank you properly but keep smiling waiting for the next pressie from his luggage. I'm thankful in my heart okay~ Thank you doesn't need to be beside the mouth every time. We 心相通ma.

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