Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm staying at home these few days, not going out, hoping my skin can get better. But, it's worst again. Urghhh, how ah? Anymore solutions? I eat 2 green apples every day.

I'm going to facial this Friday. Because I'm going to remove my braces! But who knows the doctor says "It's not the time yet." urgh. If removed, then I will be braces-less this new year!

I don't talk much these few days, only talked to Hua. Don't know what to say to my family, I'm lazy too. Just not to cause another problem to my family...neh......malas.

So, I stay in my room online, watching HK series, and...play games, and read RD, and sleep.
Cleaning my room? hmmm tomorrow.

Urh, so life-less. Looking forward to this Fri, Hua brings me to Miri. And wait ming to come back, goona have another BBQ, I wish to eat steamboat tho. Because next Sunday, CHLOE cast and crews are having BBQ.

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