Thursday, January 7, 2010


我失眠了!Can't believe it.
I tried to sleep early, but just couldn't. End up I sleep late and wake up late, the latest abt 2+pm. This happens since this week. Even though yesterday I slept at 3am, still I can wake up at 6am this morning, not feeling tired somemore.

I can't sleep so I drank pure Kwaifeh because no more sprite at home. I believe the others are more KIK than kwaifeh, at least kwaifeh contain some sweetness. With no choice, I just drink it purely. So not tasty, and I feel a bit stomachache, may be because I was having an empty stomach. Not drunk, not dizzy even, but stomachahe x.x

3 hrs later = 6am, I was still able to cook lunch for my a-bit-plump-with-muscles-body-and-a-bit-leng zai pig. I wanted to cook bee hun okay~ I wanted to cook rice+vege, but, mee goreng is always instant. x.x OK~ at least I add yong tau fu inside, fish balls + meat balls.

He, "How many packets u cook?"

Me, "3 packets (serve 2)"

He, "wah, looks like many."

Me thinking, "ofcourse la, I purposely give larger proportion for u."

He, "why one meat ball only?"

Me thinking, "cook for u still want to complain!?"

I only have one yong tau fu, so I gave it to him.
He, "U want yong tau fu?"

Me, "nola, I don't like to eat." (this is a lie :'( )

Angel yaya, "YAYA, u're so 伟大!"

And I ended up hungry like hell after few hours. 伟大是要付出代价的. hah JK

After work, I went to hostel to clean up. OH! I can feel the 伟大 of mothers and maid who clean the house everyday. Even a room, I feel tired already. I actually planned to asked either my mom or tau hua to help me out, but nevermind, I can just clean up myself.

Luckily, I have vacuum. I don't want to touch spiderwebs and lizards' poo. arh! I'm so hungry, no energy, and feel tired after that. NO WATER to drink somemore! And I met hy, haha, she also clean up herself, clean her best friend's poo (her favourite!).

Waiting Hua to come my house, he was having OT, and he's so pity that I might cook instant noodle again for him. I'll go and check out the fridge later.

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