Friday, January 22, 2010

Sun Burn scares me

Cup of hot chocolate brightens my day

These are the pictures taken at LLRC when we were having CHLOE gathering.

to the sea, to the sea...

to the sea, to the sea...

There is a funny pic of Sam, not sure he allows me to put at here or not.
Just check out of my FB.

I got a very serious sun burn. Now having blisters.
I was so shocked and scared when I see those, REALLY scary lo!
Ah Hua's at Sawadeekap, parents are at Lion King, I don't know what to do in a short while.
Chien asked if I want to go to hospital or not. How if it's just a small matter?
Haiya, hope can recover by chinese new year. Coz my clothes all very SE one lo.

I had table tennis training these two days, now I know how my opponents spin the ball which I never get to block it.
Hope ha hope, I can do well in this June's PSK.
I always think PSK is for PROs, never thought that I want to join. Since my coach asked to, then try la.

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