Friday, January 15, 2010

One week of Okra

Brought Chien to shopping because she wants to buy some clothes for new year. Too bad, different tastes, most of the clothes are not her taste. But, still, she bought one ^^

Brought her to SKH to do ur watch and to Kanojyo (Japanese store) which is just next door. I feel like I'm a tour guide XD Happy shopping with her :)

It has been raining for one week! Everyday and full time. Hardworking also the rain. I still remember when I enter UBD for the 1st sem, it was very summer and the forests burnt. And now the beginning of sem 2, it rains everyday making floods.

I am making clear of an info, because a friend from NY told me that time is different in summer and winter. Will tell u when I understand everything. U know, my doubts are hard to solve.

There are many kinds of lady fingers, and I'm referring to this type (above) named Okra.

JJ told me that a friend ate lady fingers for one month for lunch and dinner, and the skin recovered. I tried this week eating broccoli, peas and lady finger without rice, I thought more vitamins if I eat variety of vege. But, no matter how, I think there's still a problem. How can human beings only eat green foods? For my understanding, humans should consumer different colours of foods for different kinds of vitamins. It's like, may be everyday, U have to eat red, black, green, yellow, orange, BUT NOT only green.

I searched for lady fingers, but I can't find why lady fingers can cure the skin or what it contains. I'll search next time as I need to go out soon ^^

I shouldn't eat BBQ anymore. Nevermind, I still can attend BBQ party but not eating it (only if I can control XD). I asked ming to make steamboat party but he said too many people and BBQ is more convenient. Sunday has another BBQ with 'Chloe''s casts and crews again. I'll bring my own foods.

Guess next week will be a bit busy because I guess that lecturers will announce what projects to do.

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