Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nikki I love

I like her very much! Nikki Nova. She joined Hokkien world singing competition (2009全球闽南语歌曲创作演唱大赛). She entered top 10. I think there are hundreds of contestants. She doesn't know hokkien, doesn't know the meaning, she sings in alphabets. She has a good voice! Like what the judges said, listen to her like listening to Celine Dion singing hokkien. Too bad, I can't find her videos in youtube.

Im always excited when I go shopping. at gadong, I felt bored. Nothing to buy, nothing that I need. So I shopped for groceries. Bought a hair dryer too.

I went to Kanojyo at Gadong (next to SKH). They sell Japan stuffs. Some are cool, you know, Japan is a place of inventors. Housewives will love it, because there are cool kitchen stuffs. They have beauty stuffs too. They have everything!

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