Sunday, January 24, 2010

I love surprise, how about u?

My parents and ah hua went abroad, so I'm the driver of the family since I came back from hostel. I drove out SOOO many times today.

1st: drove out to lim teh at universal.

2nd: out to bring my brothers to lunch.

3rd: out to pick up my bro from grandma's house.

4th: Suppose asked for delivery from Ideal, but the delivery man busy, then I have to go out to pick up again.

Hmm, doesn't look like too much, but consider much lo! Because the time between is just a little.

My parents just came back from Singapore, they didn't bought anything for me. Not because they forgot, but nothing which is suitable. They said give me some $ to buy clothes at Miri. Well, I don't mind and my clothes are enough. I need nothing too.

Hua's still at Thailand, before he went, I told x1000 times, "Don't need to buy anything for me ar. You buy somemore clothes, my cabinet is going to burst." Keke, he said me weird because people will request for pressies oversea. May be because he sometimes spends not little on me.

But looking at them taking things out from their luggage is always excited, although there's nothing for me, but there's always a surprise. U know, that kind of "feeling". Human loves surprise, don't u?

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