Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spy next door, must watch

Didn't go back Seria yesterday because last minute change day to do our project. Yesterday is the third time going to consumer fair, this time is to do observations.

Just now afternoon my parents came and we went for lunch.

Ah hua bought many dvds and I bought Final destination Part 1,2,3 and 4 because my friends said it's nice.

If this is not a secret, I will share. It will not be a secret after 9 years, so ask me after 9 years. Because this is sweet, funny and cute. He sometimes will tell me something and I will replied, "Again? No wonder u never invite me. hahahahahaha" XD Then he will say, "Nola nola, I actually want to invite u one."

I watch SPY NEXT DOOR! Nice, very nice and funny. MUST WATCH!

Something funny happened in the middle of the movie. I accidentally farted. ah hua asked, "Is that you?" "Hahaha, don't close ur nose, if not people will know it's me ba." Hello~ cannot stop it ok, not good for health. XD

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