Wednesday, February 3, 2010

H1N1 vaccination

Whenever I go to library to look for information, I'll feel my day is meaning and productive. At the same time, it means I have a tough work. Why must MIB in Malay!? Coz it's Melayu Islam Beraja. :(

If not mistaken, I think it's China who found the vaccine for H1N1. And the whole world start to order it. At that time, I heard Brunei can got it in December because alot of countries were Q-ing. Before Brunei got the vaccine, Taiwan news start to report that some people who have this vaccine are paralysed, and some are killed. I thought Brunei will stop ordering it.

Now Brunei got it. I wonder if they are the same vaccine or not. Although it's free for the injection, but I definitely don't dare to go for it. My cousion said that swine flu can be recovered, so why take the risk?

I read news yesterday, there are 40+ cases of H1n1 until now. So it is still not safe enough to join the crowd. Just be careful when u go out.

Ah hua have been yelling stress of work like almost everyday. I wonder how can that stress be. I worked at Baiduri before, but it's still OK. The only time I feel stress is when I don't know how to do. Friends said, "You won't know until you work." But I believe work can be happy if u think positive. Just smile if your boss shoot, say thank you after the shoot, and forget after u go out from boss's room. Easy right? XD

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