Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love to chat

I love to talk. You may not imagine how much I love to talk. Because I'm a person who's afraid of boredom.

I love to talk, but I like to listen more. You listen to ur fren, and u talk. =.=...

1. On the phone, I always want Hua to end the conversation by telling me something, instead I'm the last one who talk. So whenever he says, "Ok, let's go sleep" after I talk, then I feel moody. It's not kind of small gas or what, but I just love to chat. You talk to me until I sleep is the best ^^ like a kind of lullaby xD

2. Now I'm doing homework. At the same time, chatting on MSN for not making myself too stress (Malay is a disaster for me). Blog is a way for me to talk too. I got no time to chat so much also, I have to rush my homework.

3. I like to go to Chien's room and chit chat. Not specifically her la, but that's the only room I go to until now.

4. I like to listen to my friends in lecture xD. I don't talk much in lecture actually. If I feel bored listening to lecturer, and I'll listen to friends.

However, I don't like to listen to parents' 'lecture'. Who likes? Hah

Now 1.37 am. I K.O. already. Have to wake up at 6 and go Miri later. Heard that gonna be a big traffic jam. Nevermind, I can sleep in the car and during facial.

Nite babies.

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