Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CNY day 10

Today's my grandpa "passed away anniversary" (any better words?). So we have ho-liao again!

This is just part of it.

Ba-zheng mee sua, sort of chinese herd I guess. Very nice!

Time for crackers! A very BIG cracker.

Long until neighbour's

Super loud and u can feel the floor shaking. Watch the video.

I ran because cannot tahan wa, and you can't see anything, all smoke.
It's a quick one actually, because it was BIG although it's long. Imagine the giant fire cracker.

The smoke moved towards us very quickly and we all RUN, even tho we were upstairs! Imagine how strong it was.
*choke choke* hard to breath.

However, it was nice after that, red all over the floor and roads.

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