Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy CNY and Valentine

Sui o? ^^

Happy Valentine!

And Gong Xi Fa Da Chai!

This year's Chinese New Year is usual like every year.
Afternoon go to grandma's house, watch lion dance, take LOTS of pictures, open house at mine for family at night and watch fire works.

Sexay pic of the day

For me, the foods are too spicy. whooott

闪亮 do re mi

Hah, almost every year we have same pose, and the angle from downwards.
This taken in 2007

2008 my grandpa passed away, so not much pics taken.

This is 2009

We getting more leng loi every each year, aint we?^^


Wanna show off my dress. It's not original like this. I think it's too simple, so I DIY a bit. I made the dress shorter in front and longer at the back, something the dress of bride xD
a bit princess-ness also. ^^

I bought this at KK. That time ah Hua totally disagree of that dress. I asked him why but he just didn't know why. But no matter how, my feel tells me that the dress is OK. Luckily, I insist to tell myself that the dress got nothing wrong and it's perfect, and I bought.
I showed again to ah Hua few hours later, he said, "Ei? How come just now I think it's not nice? Now I think it's nice." Great to hear that.


Aggie said...

Nice dress! :)~

Gong Xi Fa Cai and belated Valentine's Day to you too!

JJ said...

Yes...your dress is very nice!!!

雅雅 Yaya said...

Thanks you