Monday, February 8, 2010

Secret Recipe

These are the things hua bought me from Thailand:

Many clothes, and

fan, bag tag...


and I forgot to take a pic of the bag. It's at my home.

My mom gonna kill me, "Stop buying heels!"
That's the reason why I seldom show my new heels here, have to make it a secret.
Yesterday I found that there are few empty shoes boxes which makes it looks like I have many heels. ^^
Some of my heels are going to break anytime wa, not stable already.

Went to Miri Secret Recipe

Ordered mushroom grilled chicken and BBQ grilled chicken.
Very delicious NOT lo. Salty somemore.
I won't go there anymore. Wonder how's Brunei's Secret Recipe.

I forgot to bring towel to hostel! Lucky I'm going back to Seria tomorrow, I hope.

Today my fav lecture is boring because the lecturer today speaks soft and keep looking at the floor, no sense of humor.
May be she just graduated. I want funny lecturer next week!

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