Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reflection Wellness Zone (Stone Spa)

Remember, I went to consumer fair part 5 last week, and I bought a $10 voucher from Reflection Wellness Zone. It was for the Hokutolite Stone Spa, the normal price is $69 (if not mistaken).

These are what u can see when u enter the place.
They sell products too.
Love the place, because it's super clean.

Before doing spa, I was asked to drink a bottle of water. It's filtered water with stones inside which is good for ur health. Real big bottle which made me si beh full.

Was asked to change to Kimono. Have to take off ur clothes and under-wareS.
Very sexy lor...


They use this kind of stone, what I see is only these black stones, not sure if there's other kind.

The spa takes place in this coffin-liked thing. You can see from the 1st pic how they put the stones. It was then covered by a towel and u can lie on it.
The spa takes about 30 mins.
30 mins is like jogging for 30km.

For the 1st 10 min, I was not sweating. I thought I got a problem.
But after that, I super wet on my whole body.
I feel hot inside. My feet felt the hottest but my body was okay.

After the spa, was asked to drink a tea (ginger + lemon grass + pandan).
I should say, I never drink such a nice tea before. I bet the girls will love it because it smells nice, taste super delicious.
So ngam I just finish my period, so I guess ginger tea is the best for me. hehe

There's a promotion for the voucher purchaser:
- 3x treatment
- 1x blood test
- 2 complimentary voucher (can bring friends or family)

The benefits of Hokutolite Stone Spa:
- Activation of Autonomic Nervous system (ANS)
- Strengthens Immune system & speeds up metabolism
- anti-aging, skin radiant & regulates hormonal functions
- body slimming, dissolves body fat & triglyceride
- balance blood pressure & balance blood sugar level
- reduces water retention & reduces swelling
- improves bowel movement & detox
- improves blood circulation & reduces cholesterol level
- improves stress tolerant, body fatigue & muscle rheumatism
- improves chronic arthritis & gout
- increases musc;e strengths, vitality & mental stability
- increases in oxygen & nutirents in the cells
- improves EQ


My mom employs a maid. The maid agent saw my skin, and introduction of product starts. This month I receive a lot of intro to products. aiks...My skin is recovering wa. It's a lot better than before, a bit scars but my skin still very smooth! She intro-ed this hydrogen water made from Japan. It can cure cancer or whatever, I guess we don't need doctor anymore.

I told my dad don't need to buy. It costs $180+ for 30 packs. You drink it and leave a lil and tap on ur face. How if it doesnt work? My dad said, "Just try la". My mom said the seller went to shop to introduce, and started to use cotton to put on people's face to show how good it is. I sometimes don't know which products can work on me, because I have used thousand of products. I still remember my skin starts to be not nice after Jason's birthday on 2008.

My dad bought a TreadMill. I don't need to go gym anymore! Actually I can jog on my uni's sports complex field. But whenever I REALLY jog, I feel tired easily. However, I don't feel tired on thread mill. Haiya, go to Stone Spa, no need to move also can sweat xD

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