Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uni life

OMG! When I entered my room this noon, the floor was a mess! The 1st thing I thought is "Thief entered my room? by how? Boxes? I don't eat these. Why?" I thought again, OK~ now I remembered that I told Chien that she can collect recycled stuffs and sell it to the recycle company, and now she gave it to me.

Got ICT mcq test this noon. I can't manage to study all the chapters. When I saw that I got 55%, 2 feelings: 1. Thanks god, I pass; 2. damn low mark. So, should I feel happy that I pass, or disappointed that I get a low mark. If I fail, I definitely will feel unhappy; if I get a high mark, I will be super happy. What can I do is to prepare earlier next time. This time so coincidentally that we have to submit our group and individual MIB essay at a same time, so it's a bit too much to do.

Went to Ice bar again.

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