Friday, February 5, 2010

His new room designed by me

Ah Hua moved to his new room. They have timing because of feng shui.
I helped to stick the interior design sticker, very tired lor.

Impressed of my work? hah!

Did I showed u the gifts I gave to him?

This is his bday pressie on 2009.

This one I think 2007?

This one 2009 too.
I did a chocolate cake for him, but forgot to take pic :(

Sometimes, it's always that coincidence. Whenever my dad called me, I', always out of hostel eating dinner, if not then buying groceries. And he said why I always go out and don't study. Hello~ because I always study in the noon la, and also after dinner. WHY MY PARENTS ALWAYS THINK IM PLAYFUL!? I'm numb with it, I don't care whatever they say. I think I'm more hardworking than last sem. Now, I do my homework at least in advance, NOT last minute.

Chinese New Year is coming!!
Everyone's loving it.

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