Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ban Hup 万合

I removed my braces!
But it's replaces by a plastic fake teeth making me uncomfy. Show u next time, it's in my mouth now.

Went to this kopitiam name Ban Hup which set up in 1946. It's located at the so-called 'miri old street'.
What do u call this big-name-tag? a banner?
Anyway, this is made in 1946 too, that's why it's a bit faded. And the words are hand written.

Nothing much to eat because it's kopitiam.
Only different kinds of noodle, burger, sandwich, drinks.
What attracted me to eat there was the set lunch which costs RM4.00 to RM 7.50.

A very chinese style kopitiam. It was just renovated. Before that, it's super old.

The man who set up this business is the grandpa of the current boss.
His grandpa is well-known, was positioned Kapitan.
One of the roads in miri is named after him, something like Jalan Ng.....

This is Chicken 'Dang Kui' soup with rice.
It's delicious, but getting bitter and bitter when u about to finish it.

Why I know so much about this shop because the boss kept introducing and tell us the history. This shop experienced 2nd world war.

This is the upstair.
It shows the pics of the shop in 1946.

Du...that's the boss.

The most below one attracted me. That's the antique kettle people used before.

This pic has been 100 years. It shows Miri's 1st oil well.

Now I can smile like that ^^

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