Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY day 3

Day 2 went to mom's parents house, GHK's and friends.
I think I eat more than 5 meals that day. So many open house. I'm glad I'm skinny, so no need to worry xD

Day 3 super rush. 10-1 and 2-4 have class.
Then after class, rush to aunt's open house.
After that another open house, and another.

This is humpthy dumpy's(spelling?) wall. Something like Jenga (spelling?). You cannot make let the dumpy fall.
Suppose this is for the kids, but after that, we teens and adults joined.


This is my plastic teeth
The container is glow in the dark!

I never thought of showing my bag, but everyone says that it's nice ^^

Because I have a good sense of fashion.

Tomorrow going to Pehin Lao's open house most probably.

I totemo beh tang kua on day 30. I don't like ugly photos of me get posted, and also don't like people say they love it when I think it's super 'beh tang kua'. :'(

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