Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's not OK at all to cheat on!

I don’t really talk about my relationship, or may be I only talked about the happy ones. Actually I had bad experiences in my relationships. I got cheated a lot, different kinds of cheating. I don’t have a lot of boyfriends….yet. My first relationship was around 4 years and the 2nd one for 10 months, just FYI.

Since I always post the good side of my relationship, now I talk about the bad ones. May be this can be a read for guys, at least for you to know what are the don’ts? These are based on my experiences, feelings, personality and opinions.

First, what kind of girlfriend am I? I’m not a gf who controls bf a lot, I allow my bf to go out with his girlfriends but not the ex (unless high school ex); it’s ok to go home late; he can go travel with his friends, etc. OK, since I don’t really control, basically my bf has quite a lot of freedom to have his own life. How kind can I be? I forgave my ex, twice, for making "love" with other girls. How did I find out? His love biteS!

A brief of my type of guy: doesn’t really party, doesn’t really drink, it’s ok to smoke but too over is a NO to me. So I will always expect my bf is a good boy since he doesn’t party. Then I learnt that the typical good bf (doesn’t drink and party), doesn’t mean he doesn’t cheat!

1. It’s not OK to date/go out with my best friend without telling me.  
Bf: It was just a dinner, nothing else, I never touch her.
Gf: Then why are you hiding it from me?
Bf: I was afraid that you would mind.
Gf: Then why still wanna do things that I’m not happy of?

See, this is what I’ll be mad of. First, I’m OK for my bf to go out with anyone, including my friends, but if   
he hides it from me, isn’t this suspicious? Then there must be something behind that they don’t want to let 
me know. May be…scandalizing? Nah…

Second, if my bf knows I’m not happy, then why do? Why? Is my best friend more important than me?

    I confronted this friend, then she told me Everyone lies.” F*ck You. YES! Everyone lies. I lied my  
    parents, my friends, but I never lie to my bf. OK, may be lied about little things like “I drank only one  
    tin of beer.” Can you imagine how pek cek was I when my friend sided my bf telling me- it’s ok~ 
   everyone lies, not a big deal. Excuse me. You cheat on your bf, or may be you don’t mind your bf to 
   cheat on you, then it’s your business. I’m not OK for my bf to cheat on me.

2. I’m OK for my bf to call other girls Sweetie, Darlings, Dear, Pretty, etc. but no sweet talk! Am I too dumb to be ok? Well, I can understand because some guys call me “Pretty” too, it doesn't mean we have something shady behind. Why the bfs want to sweet talk with other girls? It’s doesn't make you any charm. It makes the girls think that you’re not a good bf, and you’re not making your gf proud!

3. Gf: Why you cheat on me? Why did you bring her to your home!?
Bf: I’m not cheating. I just invited her to have a dinner. My parents were at home too.

F*ck you! It makes no sense at all. It doesn't make me feel any better to know that your family was at home  
too. So? I tell you, I brought my scandal home and had a nice dinner with my family. Are you ok? I don’t 
see it makes sense at all. In addition to this suspicious case, why you didn’t tell me that you invited her 

Guys, things that are related to other girls, and if you don’t inform your gf, it’s considered a cheat because you hide it. When you don’t inform, no matter it’s just a dinner, a gathering, a discussion, etc, when your gf finds out, it really makes thing suspicious.

4. Bf: I treat you good enough, I bought you branded stuffs, I cook for you every day……….

So…I have to accept it when you have a scandal!? ……………….hello bf, answer me please.

Treating someone good is easy, I treat my bf good too. But doesn’t mean that my bf can cheat on me. I can find a better guy who treats me nice and doesn’t cheat :)

You can blame her scold her for making a small matter such a big deal, for being suspicious and like a psycho, HEY, you have the responsibility to be honest to your gf, to make your gf feels secure and comfortable.

OK, I shouldn’t be bias. Girls cheat too, I know.

A happy relationship is when it’s comfortable. It’s when little things can make each other happy.- quoted by Carol Lim. *wink*

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FAQ: Why do you take make up course when you're a BBA holder?

Is it surprise to know that a Bachelor of Business Admin (BBA) holder is taking make up course? A lot of people, basically everyone who asked me, were shocked to hear when I said "I just done my degree, and I'm taking make up courses." They think it's weird like, how Business course relate to Make up course. HOW HOW!!??

When I was in Form 6:
I considered taking beauty course, learning skin and facial. However, I am born with sensitive pimply skin, leaving a bit scars, which I don't think it's persuasive when I wanna open up a beauty business, no matter how good am I (most people look at packaging yea). 
2nd reason, my dad said it would be more stable if I have a higher education. At least if I fail in any business that I wanna open, I have a degree cert to work in other companies. 

Around the age of 16:
I have this interest for beauty and make up. I understand how sensitive skin works, because I have one. I dislike when those salespersons approach me and say "This product can cure your pimples." F*ck you, you see any pimples on my face? Show me show me!!! These are the scars, and your product can't sure scars *kick ass*

Because I have a not-so-pretty skin, I started to make up to beautify myself. After that, I learnt that it's not about beautify my skin, but the whole face. 

Age 16: I took my first make-up course that costs around BND$200. It's a personal make up course.

Age 20: I took the second one to learn new stuffs, costs BND 100+. I also went to various make up workshops.

Age 23: I decided to take a professional make up course. Mainly to learn how to make up people and make them pretty :)

P/S: I spend so much money to be a professional make up artist. It's not right to ask for a free make up lesson for you, ok~

OK. Why I learn make up?
For me, BBA is just a knowledge. We learn from there how to run a business. But....what kind of business should we own? It's not like doctor, pharmacist, an artist, engineer, etc. Business is Very Very general. 

I don't have special skills. I don't play good piano, I'm bad in sports, can't sing well, not a fashion designer, half bucket water of graphic design, etc. I don't have a skill which I can be proud of. I may know a lot of stuffs, but I'm not an expert at any one of them.

If I only have that BBA cert, I think, unless I meet a really good opportunity, I would be just working for people, in banks or office. 

In addition, I'm not a person who can sit on a chair for long hours, doing the same thing everyday. I doze off every time, I'm serious. Sometimes I even go to my car and nap for a 10 min. 
I like active works! May be works with discussions, creativity...or outstation. I would love a job which needs me to travel around, that would be cool ^^

So I decided to take make up as my professional skill. If one day I got fired, or I fire my boss, I still can work by myself. 

It's all because there was one day, I asked myself "What skill do I have besides studying all day here to get a degree cert? I know nothing except for submitting my coursework and fill up my exam paper. I joined PSK or PSR but I still suck at table tennis. I don't know how to play music. I only know how to make up myself, but not people. Seriously, what else do I know besides completing my degree? NOTHING!"

I am a learner since young. I like to learn new stuff. During Uni, I learnt quite a few things like graphic design, Japanese, design a web and game, photography, etc. After my degree, I took piano class. I waited for my graduation ceremony, and went to take my make up course immediately. I don't wanna waste any seconds in my life. I just wanna get everything done asap, and I needa job so desperately!

These are my works :) Can't wait to go back KL.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Singapore Birthday Trip with Yee Lan

Happy Chinese New Year darlings~

I know I've been lazy, or should I say busy >< I wish whenever I take pictures with my cam, they would automatically transfer to my lappie and auto resize it, basically do everything for me and I just need to type. Nah... Yes, I've been a lil bit busy ever since I came back from KL on Jan 4th. Busy moving house and make my CNY fried seaweed. We had bad weather last few weeks so it was kinda hard to make the CNY foods 'cause I need the sun. I only done every thing on the Lunar day 30. It was kinda late to sell, but I still able to sell a bit. My fried seaweeds ran out quite quickly as people said it's nice wohoo~ You can order from me next year if I'm doing it again^^

One week after I came back from KL, I went for a getaway to Singapore with YeeLan for her birthday, for 4 days 3 nights. 

1st day in Orchard & Clarke Quay

Had an awesome scallop pasta for dinner at Hooters.

Clarke Quay's famous of nightlife, that's mean lots of clubs and bars. Most of them offer free entrance for ladies, some with free drinks. 

This club approached us saying they offer free entrance and free drinks. So we tried this club, I guess it's a new club. 
Urm, it's not that nice. Maybe it's because it's not very crowded. They were 2 kinds of groups, one which the people wear suit and dress, and one that wear very casual, so overall it doesn't look that nice la if you get what I mean. The drinks, since it's free, it doesn't taste very alcoholic. 
Was boring, so we switched club!

We ended up spending our night at...
Shanghai Dolly

I never been to this kind of club before. The band is in Chinese, so it kinda looks like a Taiwan. They have different performers after each song so it's kinda cool. After a while like the usual clubs, the DJs would play English party songs. It's only the band part which is different from other clubs. 
Free entrance for ladies. So untung to be a lady, tehee.

Vivo City

I can't remember this Jap restaurant name.

This is yummy! Omelette with chicken.


Universal Studio pic from 2011.

We went to the Sky Tower:

We rode the Luge:
I went there twice. The first time was because my lil brother was too coward to take the ride. The 2nd time was because the Q was too long during Xmas. Then this time finally I get to ride with this cha boh.

We used Luge to go downhill, and used the sky ride to go up. 

After the Luge, we actually went to walk at the beach before going back. We went back at night, at the same time enjoyed the musical fountain show for a while on that ride.

Siloso Beach:

I look tall here ho?

Someone playing the "Iron man".

Dining by the beach. So "lomantike".

That night we continued at Chinatown.

Chinatown really has the Chinese New Year feel. Everywhere playing CNY songs, selling CNY foods and stuffs. Very crowded, very merry! You can watch this video to feel it!


I forgot this restaurant name hehe It's popular is fish.

Then we saw Singapore actors having a shooting there.

Didn't take much photos here because all we did were shopping. Things are cheap in Bugis, and the clothing are not allowed for fitting. Some of them allow, but would be slightly more expensive. 

Marina Bay Sands:
Very cool inverted fountain.

Our best photo of the trip! That wind effect, phewitt~ Wu sui bo? hehe

It was really windy.

The wind si beh strong.

These buildings are created to save energy and are environmental friendly, something like that. I don't know how it works or what it's for in exact. This place looks like avatar! Super greeny~

Lastly...this is my first time staying in a dorm. This is the best hostel I can find. 
Why did I choose this:
1. It has female dorm.
2. It's a cube with a curtain so we have privacy.
3. It's cheap. SGD22.00 per night.
4. It's located at Clarke Quay. It's convenient, near to MRT.
4. They have the basic facilities like lockers, hair dryer, wifi.
5. They include free breakfast.

What I don't like after the stay:
1. The pillow is too thin.
2. The washroom is bit dark.
The rest are OK for me.

YeeLan's comment:
1. Noisy because some of the room mates came back late or went out early.
2. Smelly. 
She couldn't really sleep well but I slept very well lol

Reception and dining place.
Their breakfast is just simple, bread toast with jams., you do it yourself.

My mini haul:
Forever New clutch; few clothes from MDS and Bugis; Bare Mineral loose powder, Sephora brush; Foot mask from Watson; Nude bra; Mini play card; I forgot to bring my comb; and a tattoo stocking; 2 bed sheets 

I didn't plan to shop actually since I go to Singapore quite often, like once a month. During the previous trip, I didn't really buy stuffs too, nothing to buy actually. So I brought a backpack only. Ended up I do have things to buy. I almost couldn't fit all these things to my bag =.="

Was a nice happy enjoyable trip with YeeLan. I always worry about cannot get along with my friends when it comes to travelling, but we can get along well I guess. One of my happy trips! Wondering where will I/we go next :)