Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FAQ: Why do you take make up course when you're a BBA holder?

Is it surprise to know that a Bachelor of Business Admin (BBA) holder is taking make up course? A lot of people, basically everyone who asked me, were shocked to hear when I said "I just done my degree, and I'm taking make up courses." They think it's weird like, how Business course relate to Make up course. HOW HOW!!??

When I was in Form 6:
I considered taking beauty course, learning skin and facial. However, I am born with sensitive pimply skin, leaving a bit scars, which I don't think it's persuasive when I wanna open up a beauty business, no matter how good am I (most people look at packaging yea). 
2nd reason, my dad said it would be more stable if I have a higher education. At least if I fail in any business that I wanna open, I have a degree cert to work in other companies. 

Around the age of 16:
I have this interest for beauty and make up. I understand how sensitive skin works, because I have one. I dislike when those salespersons approach me and say "This product can cure your pimples." F*ck you, you see any pimples on my face? Show me show me!!! These are the scars, and your product can't sure scars *kick ass*

Because I have a not-so-pretty skin, I started to make up to beautify myself. After that, I learnt that it's not about beautify my skin, but the whole face. 

Age 16: I took my first make-up course that costs around BND$200. It's a personal make up course.

Age 20: I took the second one to learn new stuffs, costs BND 100+. I also went to various make up workshops.

Age 23: I decided to take a professional make up course. Mainly to learn how to make up people and make them pretty :)

P/S: I spend so much money to be a professional make up artist. It's not right to ask for a free make up lesson for you, ok~

OK. Why I learn make up?
For me, BBA is just a knowledge. We learn from there how to run a business. But....what kind of business should we own? It's not like doctor, pharmacist, an artist, engineer, etc. Business is Very Very general. 

I don't have special skills. I don't play good piano, I'm bad in sports, can't sing well, not a fashion designer, half bucket water of graphic design, etc. I don't have a skill which I can be proud of. I may know a lot of stuffs, but I'm not an expert at any one of them.

If I only have that BBA cert, I think, unless I meet a really good opportunity, I would be just working for people, in banks or office. 

In addition, I'm not a person who can sit on a chair for long hours, doing the same thing everyday. I doze off every time, I'm serious. Sometimes I even go to my car and nap for a 10 min. 
I like active works! May be works with discussions, creativity...or outstation. I would love a job which needs me to travel around, that would be cool ^^

So I decided to take make up as my professional skill. If one day I got fired, or I fire my boss, I still can work by myself. 

It's all because there was one day, I asked myself "What skill do I have besides studying all day here to get a degree cert? I know nothing except for submitting my coursework and fill up my exam paper. I joined PSK or PSR but I still suck at table tennis. I don't know how to play music. I only know how to make up myself, but not people. Seriously, what else do I know besides completing my degree? NOTHING!"

I am a learner since young. I like to learn new stuff. During Uni, I learnt quite a few things like graphic design, Japanese, design a web and game, photography, etc. After my degree, I took piano class. I waited for my graduation ceremony, and went to take my make up course immediately. I don't wanna waste any seconds in my life. I just wanna get everything done asap, and I needa job so desperately!

These are my works :) Can't wait to go back KL.

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