Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's not OK at all to cheat on!

I don’t really talk about my relationship, or may be I only talked about the happy ones. Actually I had bad experiences in my relationships. I got cheated a lot, different kinds of cheating. I don’t have a lot of boyfriends….yet. My first relationship was around 4 years and the 2nd one for 10 months, just FYI.

Since I always post the good side of my relationship, now I talk about the bad ones. May be this can be a read for guys, at least for you to know what are the don’ts? These are based on my experiences, feelings, personality and opinions.

First, what kind of girlfriend am I? I’m not a gf who controls bf a lot, I allow my bf to go out with his girlfriends but not the ex (unless high school ex); it’s ok to go home late; he can go travel with his friends, etc. OK, since I don’t really control, basically my bf has quite a lot of freedom to have his own life. How kind can I be? I forgave my ex, twice, for making "love" with other girls. How did I find out? His love biteS!

A brief of my type of guy: doesn’t really party, doesn’t really drink, it’s ok to smoke but too over is a NO to me. So I will always expect my bf is a good boy since he doesn’t party. Then I learnt that the typical good bf (doesn’t drink and party), doesn’t mean he doesn’t cheat!

1. It’s not OK to date/go out with my best friend without telling me.  
Bf: It was just a dinner, nothing else, I never touch her.
Gf: Then why are you hiding it from me?
Bf: I was afraid that you would mind.
Gf: Then why still wanna do things that I’m not happy of?

See, this is what I’ll be mad of. First, I’m OK for my bf to go out with anyone, including my friends, but if   
he hides it from me, isn’t this suspicious? Then there must be something behind that they don’t want to let 
me know. May be…scandalizing? Nah…

Second, if my bf knows I’m not happy, then why do? Why? Is my best friend more important than me?

    I confronted this friend, then she told me Everyone lies.” F*ck You. YES! Everyone lies. I lied my  
    parents, my friends, but I never lie to my bf. OK, may be lied about little things like “I drank only one  
    tin of beer.” Can you imagine how pek cek was I when my friend sided my bf telling me- it’s ok~ 
   everyone lies, not a big deal. Excuse me. You cheat on your bf, or may be you don’t mind your bf to 
   cheat on you, then it’s your business. I’m not OK for my bf to cheat on me.

2. I’m OK for my bf to call other girls Sweetie, Darlings, Dear, Pretty, etc. but no sweet talk! Am I too dumb to be ok? Well, I can understand because some guys call me “Pretty” too, it doesn't mean we have something shady behind. Why the bfs want to sweet talk with other girls? It’s doesn't make you any charm. It makes the girls think that you’re not a good bf, and you’re not making your gf proud!

3. Gf: Why you cheat on me? Why did you bring her to your home!?
Bf: I’m not cheating. I just invited her to have a dinner. My parents were at home too.

F*ck you! It makes no sense at all. It doesn't make me feel any better to know that your family was at home  
too. So? I tell you, I brought my scandal home and had a nice dinner with my family. Are you ok? I don’t 
see it makes sense at all. In addition to this suspicious case, why you didn’t tell me that you invited her 

Guys, things that are related to other girls, and if you don’t inform your gf, it’s considered a cheat because you hide it. When you don’t inform, no matter it’s just a dinner, a gathering, a discussion, etc, when your gf finds out, it really makes thing suspicious.

4. Bf: I treat you good enough, I bought you branded stuffs, I cook for you every day……….

So…I have to accept it when you have a scandal!? ……………….hello bf, answer me please.

Treating someone good is easy, I treat my bf good too. But doesn’t mean that my bf can cheat on me. I can find a better guy who treats me nice and doesn’t cheat :)

You can blame her scold her for making a small matter such a big deal, for being suspicious and like a psycho, HEY, you have the responsibility to be honest to your gf, to make your gf feels secure and comfortable.

OK, I shouldn’t be bias. Girls cheat too, I know.

A happy relationship is when it’s comfortable. It’s when little things can make each other happy.- quoted by Carol Lim. *wink*

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