Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Year 2014

Happy New Year! I spent my New Year in Sunway, KL. If not mistaken, I think it's my second time celebrating new year in KL. It was pretty crowded, restaurants and bars were full, it was noisy with the horns because people were selling them, sprays and lights selling everywhere, very crowded and merry.

I celebrated with my KL friends, they are not those hyper type so it wasn't that exciting for me, opps. But I'm glad that I wasn't alone and able to greet some people "HAPPY NEW YEAR" although they gave me that face "Why are you so exciting?" .................=.= Sometimes when situation gets a lil bored then there should have someone to hype up the environment :)

I was sick and just able to drink milk tea. 

Snowy....I mean soapyyy.

Sigh my phone cam really sucks.  

 Anyway, my Chinese New Year's photos!

CNY rosy nails.

This year the first day of CNY lies on a Friday. Lion dance wasn't allowed to perform because it's a Muslim prayer day. So it was rather quiet and I overslept since I didn't hear any lion dance. 

Day 1 in Cheongsam.

His name is Ee Ding. When he looked for his mommy and I told him "Mami is eating." then he looked confused. haha

Day 2
Top and skirt, both from MDS.

Day 3 with the classmates.
叶董's house

The first to get engaged in our group. Happy for Minna ^^

Like a lou sai!

I think it's been few years that I didn't join my classmates during CNY to visit houses. Normally I just invite them to my house. It's great whenever we gather again and catch up with each other, but sometimes it's funny because each of my classmates tend to ask a person the same questions like "You working or studying? Where? What course?" Then we just need to keep answering the same thing because they just come at different time. If you know what I mean ><

I wish everyone here all the best. If something bad happens, don't fret, there's something better gonna happen in the future. Sometimes things happen for us to learn and improve. We always want to improve and be better right?

I guess some of you know what happen to Carol, I don't think I need to hide anymore since the Facebook actually publicly announce that she's sick. She's my close friend, looking at her in pain, I feel really heartache. But well, the latest update is, her condition is improving, she's getting better and I really hope to see her being crazy and active again. Let us pray for her and her baby, 感恩。

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