Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy birthday, 朋友们!

Hello darlings! It's been a while. I've been really busy these weeks. I have this make up thing/course for 12 hours each day, i.e. 10am-10pm; plus 8 hours of sleep; I just left 4 hours to eat, shower and shit. If things got delayed, I only have 10 mins to take my meal sometimes. Super packed and tiring. Well, for my future, ganbatte kudasai!

p/s: I can't really explain clearly things regarding to my make up life in my blog due to some reasons. Tq for understanding :) 

Here's my friends' birthday celebration pics. Wonder where will I be on my
It was Jas (back: right side)'s birthday early this year. My very nice & helpful housemate in KL. 

Abigail's at Kaizen.


Cheerful girl ^^


Jayden Photography
Cake from the sisters and me.

Jayden Photography
with the sisters.

Jayden Photography
  Yummilicious foods at PSW.

Jayden Photography

Jayden Photography
Jayden showing his muscle. 



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