Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do I prefer KL or Brunei?

Hello my loves! Just a blink of eye, it's another month in KL. Friends tend to ask me, "KL or Brunei?" Well, each of them has their good and bad. In terms of happening life, of course KL is better. However, for long term, I guess Brunei is still better. 

I'll talk about the down sides of my KL life first. 
1. Without me saying, I guess most people know that KL has more crimes, esp robberies. I always walk super fast when I go out or go home, esp at night. Although my area has few securities but robberies still happen. 

Just few days ago, a tall black man, he walked very fast too. He was calling me, I guess he wanted to ask something, maybe taxi, because I heard that word. But that time was 10+pm, and I saw no one nearby, so I increased my speed and ignored him. Didn't want to take the risk.

I always hold this Swiss knife in my bag when I walk home, or anywhere that I don't feel safe. It's just RM5 from Daiso. 

2. Not eating healthy. As it's not convenient to cook at this house. The best I can cook is instant noodle. Can't really cook fancy foods, so I eat outside most of the time. Foods here are not cheap too. 

3. I'm not sure if room renting in Brunei is as bad as in KL, like mine. 1st, the kitchen is super dirty with a super small fridge (when the house has more than 10 tenants). The kitchen doesn't have proper cooker (the cooker is damaged and the owner is not planning to replace one). So we have to use the microwave if we wanna cook (microwave is rusty and dirty like an antique already). Kitchen only has one little yellow light (super dark at night)

2nd-ly, the washroom is not super dirty but still a bit disgusting with rubbish at the corner. One of my housemate offered herself to clean the house so she can save some rental fees. I don't know how often she cleans the house, may be 3 weeks a time, and she personally is not a clean person (I saw her room is super messy with clothes and books on the floor like you can't imagine how can a person live in that kind of place).  I don't know why she doesn't want to throw the rubbish in the washroom when she cleans it, I somehow feel that the rubbish are all hers, like bottles, tissues, hairs, ewww....

3. People here are not as friendly. Actually I met a lot of nice people but there are still not-so-nice people. There was one time, I crossed the zebra and I saw my classmate on the other side, I'm sure she knows me too. When I wanted to smile with her, she was looking at the scenery behind me, enjoying the view of....road, may be. 

4. Public transport are not as friendly as Singapore. Like if I want to go to KLCC, I need to take a bus, then LRT. Buses are not punctual here. The schedule board shows bus will arrive in 5 min but a while more it will appear 30 min :O

Not everywhere has bus station or LRT too, sometimes have to take a taxi.

Now, what I like about KL :)
1. Wifi here is awesome. Not sure about the exact speed, but downloading an episode of series takes around 5 minutes or less.

2. More choices of foods! Foods are awesome here. One of my favs is Fat One Steamboat. Oh man, RM36 per person for eat all you can! Unlimited everything: seafood, ice creams, grilled foods, etc. Ichiban desu neeee~

3. I crave for desserts or cold stuffs when I'm in KL. I don't really crave when I'm in Brunei, not sure why. Prolly because choices are more here!

 Mango Spaghetti, interesting and not bad.

Komugi's mango cake. 

4. Shopping! I can buy stuffs easier here, like cosmetics from Sephora and some other brands that we don't see in Brunei; creative and innovative stuffs too; fashion here is more up to date. Since Malaysia has a bigger market than Brunei, so choices are more. 

5. Updated magazines. I read Women's Weekly and Cleo every month, it's my must-do. If I'm in Brunei, for example, I only can get March's in the mid of March. However, in KL, I get the March in the end of Feb. It's very up to date, and I won't miss any specials of the month. 

6. Learning new. It's a good experience for me to stay abroad and away from family and friends. I'm glad to meet awesome people from other countries. Although I met KNS kind of people, but my friends in Malaysia are very helpful, including my make up tutors and the boss. 感恩。

7. Hah! Of course night life is more interesting here. Bored? Let's hit the club yo!

8. More leng zai and leng lois to see. haha

9. Events are more here. KL has a lot of huge fair, unlike ours at the mall or ICC. Theirs is like crazily huge, few floors sometimes. KL has concerts too, music festival, and a lot of different kinds of events la.

Although life in KL is more fun, but I would still prefer to stay in Brunei. At least it's peaceful, tax free, free medical and education, cheaper petrol, lesser entertainment so we can save more $$! Hehe...Well, we still can go Miri and Kuala Lurah.

My course is finishing soon, yay! Time flies, like just not long ago my dad accompanied me when I first came here to stay. He accompanied me to buy the home needs and carry all the stuffs from Pyramid (shopping mall) to my place. He even got a torch light for me and said in case there's no current.

Before I came here, I thought I would be OK as I used to stay alone when I was in Brunei. I'm quite independent I thought. But when my dad left my place and went back to Brunei, I felt so lost. I can't believe I felt so sad and...that feeling was very bad. I guess it was because I know no one here, no friends, no relatives. But after a while, I'm good and have my life quite happening and interesting.

My family supported me until university, and sent me to beauty academy to pursue my dream, all I hope is, I want to have a bright future, to pay back my family and to live the life I want. Appreciate :)

A recent photo with the tutors and colleagues. 

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