Saturday, April 26, 2014

High Frequency Cafe

Aiyo...Didn't update this space for so long. I've been really busy while I was in KL and also in Brunei. Busy with a lot of stuffs, my make up career, look after dad 's shop, do some stuff at my new house, catch up with my friends, etc. 

I took a nap and that's why I have the energy to update now. It's always tired after I come back from my dad's shop, because I wake really early in the morning. Then I got home and I have my own works to do. 

So, there's a new cafe/restaurant in Brunei which look cozy, comfy, a bit antique + modern and attractive, named High Frequency (located at Batu Bersurat, the blocks beside Happy Star). I had been wanting to visit and finally, I first visited last month. Then I went again recently to try the other foods and the coffee. 

I forgot to take a pic of the bar. Too excited for the foods, maybe. =.=

 Beef on stone. Yes, it is very rare. Then I "cooked" myself on the hot stone, I can adjust how well I want it to be. I like it medium :) Yummeyyy~ This is my fav dish. It comes with fries. 

 My first Egg Benedict. The muffin is stuffed with ham. Not bad not bad. 

My brother's Pancake. It's BND$9 if not mistaken. Too expensive I think. 

Then I went again recently.
 Mushroom soup, the best I ever had! It's damn delicious, I can feel the little little black mushroom, dip with a toast, heaveeeen!

 Grilled chicken with quinoa. Not very attractive, but not bad. 

Salmon with roasted potatoes. It doesn't taste special, it could be something that I can find in other restaurants, but it's still great. 

About my fashion, one of my fav top this month :)
 Got it in KL, it's crop, pink and the pattern looks girly and sweet ^^ Great outfit for a date. 

Again, I forgot to take a pic of the coffee. I ordered a shot topped with an ice cream. It's too sweet for me but coffee tastes good. 

Have a great weekend darlings :)

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