Monday, May 12, 2014

My Little Cube Enterprise

Hello loves!

I'm not sure if most of you seen this kind of cubes store which sells variety kind of stuffs. I first saw this kind of store in Singapore, and I spent quite a long time shopping in there because too much cute and creative stuffs! I was thinking how great if Brunei has this, then not long later Brunei started to have this kind of store. It's great place for getting gifts, a place with lots of choices. 

Recently, KB has just opened a cube store too, named My Little Cube

Victoria Secret. 

 They sell original branded bags too, like Coach, Micheal Kors, etc. 

Cosmetics like Wet n Wild, Cover Girl, Naked palette, etc.

Selfie gadgets are a hit now! "But first, let me take a selfie *snap*"

 And a lot more stuffs, gadgets, party tools, etc. 
ProTape is now available in KB too, it's kinda popular, I see it all over Facebook recently. If you do sports, you should consider getting this! "It helps to relief muscle pain, overused/fatigue muscles, swelling, cramps and etc. "

Sometimes we don't know where to get gifts, or products that it seem to be only available outside Brunei. Now, you could find the things you want from this kind of cube store, by shopping in a store with over hundred of cubes selling hundred of variety stuffs.

For little entrepreneurs, they envision to provide opportunity and encourage you to start up your own business with a low cost start up. You don't need a large capital to rent a whole shop, and there's someone

who look after your products and help you to sell, how great!

Working hours: 9am - 9pm everyday

Phone: 892 3118

Located at KB town: 

Happy Shopping, and

Good Luck lil entrepreneurs!

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