Wednesday, May 14, 2014

April Favorites

I tried some new products, and have became my fav!

First, the Sephora favorites: 

Naked 3 that comes with four eye primer samples
Supposedly, I wanna get Naked 2. Then I did the final comparison and realised I prefer the colours of Naked 3. Naked 2 is more to brownish, goldish and less pinkish ; while Naked 3 consists pinkish and brownish/goldish. So, I like Naked 3 more ^^

I've been looking for great mask since I have a sensitive skin. When the weather is bad, or in an unclean environment, or during period, I'll get acne. Then I found this mask, did some research, and most of the reviews were saying it's so great that their skin is super smooth after using it. And also say, the blackheads are lessen. They sound like the acne would immediately gone off after using it =.=" Even the celebrities use it before the red carpet to look awesome. So I bought and gave it a try.
 It's Glam Glow mask, a mud mask which smells minty.
Yes, it's great, but not that powerful where the acne would really disappear after using it. I can feel my skin is smoother and more hydrating. It's comfortable. 

1. Benefit's Porefessional Primer. I've tried many many primers but this is my fav, it makes my make up stay and mattify my skin for long hours. This POREfessional actually minimizes your pores
Some people would afraid it clog pores because it's for minimizing pores. I've tried this for months, I use it every time before putting my make up on, NO, it doesn't clog
It's great for oily skin like me. After putting this primer on, my skin still feels matte after hours. It can be applied after make up too. 

2. Stila concealer. I always look for concealer with great coverage yet not cakey and not looking thick. This does quite a good coverage, except for the very dark red spots as I have a problematic skin sometimes. But it's still alright, it doesn't cover totally like a photoshop, but the weakness can be barely seen. 

I love waterproof make up ever since I started to make up myself during my teens. All my mascaras and eyeliners have to be waterproof! Look for eyeliner that contains wax, they are mostly waterproof.
This is NYX eyeliner that slides on, glides on, stays on, turns on, waterproof and extreme shine! The colors are in Jet Black and Azure. I always have a thing for turquoise color. 

with NYX Jet Black and Azure eyeliner. Wear it to beach or pool party!
Really waterproof, I've tried :)

Benefit Seductive Body Mist.
Did I mention I'm a bitch? I mean...I have a strong nose. I can smell things that normal people can't really smell, super sensitive. So I love nice scented stuffs (who doesn't? =.=").
This is a body oil mist which I use after shower, or sometimes before sleep. Its smell is light, a bit sweet, young and it's seductive *whit whit* It's an oil spray which moisture your body and you won't feel oily, the oil just absorbed into your body in few seconds.
They have perfume for that scent too, but I prefer the body mist as perfume would smell a lil bit stronger.

Ok, end of Sephora favs. 

If you're someone who always put on eyelid tape like me, you can try this! 
It's lace eyelid tape, very natural compare to any other kind of tape, it's almost invisible. My portrait photo above, I'm using the lace eyelid tape too. 

My fav gadget of the month, my Samsung Note 10.1 (2014 edition)! Tadaaaa....
I heard its functions are same as Note 3. What I like about it is, it's very friendly when it comes to making notes and plans, it comes with a stylus. I use it mainly for my make up portfolio. Want to know more? I can review it if you wish :)

My fav book, the 5 years Questions and Answers Journal.

It's has 365 questions for a year, for you to answer each a day. It's like a diary but it asks you random questions. This is a 5 year journal, so you answer it for 5 years, and after you finish the whole book, you can see how your opinions change in these 5 years. 
Great for recording moments. I love to write, that's why I have a blog, but I don't blog everyday, so I got myself this book to jot down my daily life :)

I got this crazy love love with this round red hat. I actually looked for it in many places, I even asked my friend to look for it in Macau. I then found it at Hat Attack in KL. Many places are selling this kind of hat but they don't have red (it's too popular). It has to be RED

Looking good? haha
I feel great when few strangers (at different time) actually approached me to tell me my hat looks good on me. I don't get "real life" compliments (most compliments are from social media) from strangers  from my fashions or the accessories I wear, but this hat, hell yeah!

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