Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No excuses, Just do it!

Have you ever hesitate when you wanna do something? Maybe because of money, time, weather, transport problem, or any other reasons that stop you from doing something? May be because you don't have a companion. It would be worse if it's something you have been wanting to do and you still hesitate just because of lil issues.

For me, I always tell myself, "Just do it if I can." Before, I always hesitate and think too much when I wanna do something. Mostly, it was because of my parents, may be I wasn't sure if they allow me to do (I'm weak in front of my parents), sometimes I find it troublesome to go somewhere, sometimes I would think "oh it looks like it's gonna rain." All these are excuses, seriously! Deep in my heart, I want to go somewhere or do something so badly. We hesitate because it's out of our comfort zone.

Sometimes I hear my friends saying they wanna do something but they don't have a companion. We differ from each other, our goals are different. If you wanna do something when only your friend join, just wait till the end of your life la. Yes, it would be more fun if you have a companion, but depend what you wanna do. Sometimes, you can just do it alone, maybe like visiting a country which has lesser entertainments, if you know what I'm trying to say. You can backpack and you could meet other backpackers too! Or through Couchsurfing.

I have a friend who wanted to meet her superstar idol from Hong Kong. Hardly got chance to meet right? Free entrance some more. But because she thought the event would be cancelled due to the bad weather, so she didn't go. Unfortunately, the event still went on. See, too much hesitation making yourself regret.

When I came to KL, the ChurpOut event by Nuffnang was held. The blogger celebrities I know like Cheesie, Audrey and Timothy Tiah would be there, and I was excited that I must meet them and take picture with them. As I need to take a cab to reach there, so I hesitated due to my safety. I'm afraid of taking cabs after reading too much news about taxi rape or rob. I wandered around at the taxi station thinking like an hour to decide whether to go or not. Then I took out my little gut and I went to the event. Lucky I did and I was so glad that I meet them and also a new friend from Couchsurfing.

As I have little friends in KL, so mostly, if I wanna attend events which I'm interested, if I can't find anyone, I would just go myself. Waiting for a companion is just gonna make me miss a lot of experiences or opportunities.

I'm writing this because I heard too much from friends saying what's stopping them from doing something. Sometimes it's really not a big issue.

If it's time, maybe try to adjust your schedule. If really can't, then next time lo. (that's why sometimes my schedule is quite tight because I try to make it to every events lol)

If it's girlfriend/boyfriend issue, hah! It's good to respect your bf/gf, but for me, I don't really care if my bf tells me "I don't allow you to go Japan with your friends; You can't go to your friend's party because your ex would be there." *roll eyes*

If it's money issue, try to save. 2 years, 4 years, as long as you try to save, your dream would come true one day.

If it's weather issue....can you go long piang (hit the wall)?

My weakness is my parents. If they say NO, siap, all my plans will be throwing into the bin. Because I respect them, I don't want they get mad or worried. But....sometimes I just break the rule. Or I tell them firmly, I WANT TO GO! You have to know your limit, as long as it's not something bad that's gonna harm you or your family, then should be fine. I know my dad's gonna stop me from travelling with my boyfriend, ahh~ let's see how I deal with it.

Ganbatte kudasai darlings. Just do it before you regret. 

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