Friday, September 30, 2011

吃喝玩乐= 我的天堂

I was craving for spaghetti. Carol and me then agreed to dine in Country Patch.
I like spaghetti in cream sauce/carbonara. I dislike those with tomato paste.
One friend said "High budget o!" Well for me, I don't give a damn on the price if I really crave for it. As long as it's affordable of course. Who would know what happen tomorrow and you can't a chance to eat such delicious foods again.
So eat when you can, exercise after that, earn back after that.

Remember I'm taking a photography course? hehe. Show you my works.

This is the best shot of the week for the topic "Macro/Close up".
I think it's not bad, can make its as your wallpaper haha

Before I choose the best shots, I took a lot of different objects. This below one is one of the macro shots, the failed one, and the most disgusting one *puke*

It's a kutu from the dog. EWWWWW to the max!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Another happy moment in the family. My cousin just got married! That's the reason why I didn't blog for more than a week.

So the day before we went to decorate the restaurant for the next day's lunch.


One of the sisters. Dress code was red.

The 1st time meeting my niece since she was born 3 months ago.
She is super "pui" and cute, like a ball!

While waiting for the groom and brothers.
I was the key keeper. Easy job right? Because I wasn't feeling well that day :(

The games part are always funny.

Picture taken at the groom's house.
After that we had lunch at OGH, it was a buffet with REAL LOT choices of foods.

I stun when I entered the ballroom, these are all real flowers and trees.
The theme was Garden by the way.

Cool isn't it?

Had rehearsal on that night, was super sleepy.
Oh! I danced belly solo-ly, but forgot to take a photo of me myself.
The performance was good I guess, since everyone applause. Or they just applause for the foods because they were hungry? (I lead the waitress btw)

We only had the reception the next evening.

Look at the background, the words are made by leaves and flowers.
The emcee was great, very humorous.
The band played good music.
Foods were delicious.
Cameraman and video cameraman are professional. The video was stunning, gonna upload once I have it.
Performers/singers sing nice, very professional.
The sisters are pretty *urhem*
Handsome brothers too *blush* lol
Everything was just perfect!

And ofcourse after party was very HIGH!
Perfect wedding, very successful.
Attended a lot of weddings, and this is the *thumbs up*
No, the dress code that night wasn't blue lol

And a thank you gift from the bride :)

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I want to enjoy every moment of the wedding. I'm gonna miss the interesting part if I keep holding a camera, that's why we employ a cameraman.
Thus, my plan failed. Because I was thinking to use this wedding as a topic in my photography assignment :(

Saturday, September 17, 2011


The story of my hair became like this begins from when I want to touch up my black hair at the root. As you know, black hair normally darken the original colour of a hair dye, so I said to my hairstylist "Just give me the lightest and brightest colour." It then makes me look like ang-moh-wannabe lol

The responses:
Lee: I'm bringing an ang moh girl.

Dad: You see I have an ang moh daughter.

Mom: Wah...looks like Ayumi liaw.

my maid: che che macam orang putih.

The others: *looking shock*

My hair will only looks nice when I'm wearing make up.
My hair actually has a combination of few colours: The red which I dyed on January, the bleach which I dyed last week. It then resulted a bit of dark brown, a bit hi-light, a bit red.

My comment? Okla, I always love light colours on my hair, I like it being obvious because I'm afraid no one can see my colour x.x
I was shocked in the beginning because I don't know how to face my parents LOL after that...I'm Loving It ba la ba ba ba...

Friday, September 16, 2011

The September babies at Senja Lounge

Like WTH we keep celebrating Carol and Kher's birthday right? Nothing, just want to be happy.
We found another cool restaurant. Why? I'm not sure if I can say it here, later I'm in trouble. So u go check out yourself. Or you can figure out by looking at the pictures ^^ And since it's the actual birthday of Kher, we celebrate it again LOL

And when it's the actual birthday of Carol, we celebrate it again. haha

Double cream chicken with fries. Very yummy.

For vegetarian


I read some reviews, and they are popular of Soufle. I didn't try it....and I don't know why lol.

The restaurant actually got a romantic ambiance, the lights are dim. However, I think because of the nice foods, the environment and the "cool" point that it has, it's normally fully booked (that's what I heard, so it's better for you to book instead of getting disappointed when you reach there), thus noisy. The noisy part is just a small matter, you will definitely go there the 2nd, the 3rd etc time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's in my bag?

Got a tag from Jesmine "What's in your bag?"

If you're a guy: Sometimes you see girls with big bag and heavy but don't know what we have so much to bring, right? I know I know. I always try to reduce the weight of my bag, taking out the unnecessary, but it's still full and heavy, I don't understand too. I actually don't bring much in my bag.

Just because my bag is always full, so I bought this bigger one.
When girls have a bigger bag, they tend to put more things in it, so no difference. LOL

Car keys, wallet and phone are a must when I go out.
But sometimes a blur lady like me forgot to check whether my wallet has money.

Camera is another must for me. I bring it to everywhere to capture the nice moment that may not happen the 2nd time in my life.
And a spare battery.

Just like few days ago, my friends hate the smell of the seafood. Oh well, lucky I have the mints with me.
It's a need before you kiss :D

A mirror from Jason P. on my birthday.
A spare *the bag thing, I don't know what it calls*. Just in case I want to make my bag sling.
A bluetooth headset especially when I'm driving.

A pen. So important when I go down Miri or travel around.

A small bag to put the small things. I've been using this for more than 10 years.

A comb when my hair gets messy.
A mosquito balm because I'm afraid of them.
Lip balm when my lips get dry.
A lip gloss to look sexy.
A lip stick to look seductive.
A lip brush to put the gloss on.
A hair clip when I'm hot.
A concealer when I look pimplish.

Water is an essential element in our daily life!
I bring it to everywhere. EVERYWHERE!
I don't put it in my bag, normally I leave it in the car. Unless I really need it with me.
For eg, while watching a movie. A movie is normally more than an hour, definitely gone dehydrated w/o the water.

See! Not much things right? They are all small things. But my bag is still heavy :(

Now I tag my bestie Carol. I wanna kepo what's in your bag?