Monday, September 5, 2011

Singapore Trip when Im 21

The first thing when I reached Singapore was trying out at one of the famous Chinese restaurant. We waited 30 minutes for the seat and 15-25 minute for the foods. The restaurant doesn't have aircon, the customers are all sweating while eating, still, there are customers who queue for a long time just to take their meal there.

We ordered all their famous dishes.

Black Chicken Herb Soup.
Ignore how black is the chicken, it tastes really nice.
But we wonder is the chicken originally black or they marinated something to make it black.

Minced meat

Fish head *thumbs up*

Tofu prawn.
May be I dislike how tofu tastes, so yea. But the prawn is pretty big!!

Must order all these dishes above when you go there, these are the famous one.

Then check in at Festive Hotel Sentosa. We spent 2 days at Sentosa, because they have too much to play, eat and enjoy.

See how cool the bedrooms are. They have one single bed, one sofa bed, one king size bed.

Opps this is not clear. This is the sofa bed.

Ofcourse, then we start looking around to see what's fun.

This is Luge. People ride it down to the hill.
It looks fun, but my coward brother didn't even dare to ride.


This restaurant is famous in Taiwan. They already have a long Q before it opens.

They are famous of their xiu long bao.
A good xiu long bao is when they are steamed just at the right time and there are still have the soup base inside it.

Spicy Dumpling.

Another dumpling

Their siu mai looks different. They have the soup base inside too.

Drunken chicken.
It is cold and they are in alcohol.
One of the best chicken I've ever eat!

They don't have much choices of vege, only di miao and *I forgot*

Have you ever see any bakery with such a long Q?
ok, they don't look like Q-ing, but they are.

So, Inside the bakery:

Everything just look very yummy.

After that, we watched a kind of magic + singing + dancing show called Voyage De Lavi. This show involves sudden explosion, I freaked out for few times. The cheapest ticket costs $68.

Restaurants nearby were closed after we finished watching the show. We had no choice to eat in this 24hrs restaurant located nearby. Guess this restaurant is specially for those who go casino lol

It's a 24 hour fast food restaurant.

They use disposable bowl which I think it's not very environmental friendly.
May be they have too much customers and have not enough time to wash the plates.
Seriously, there's no place in Singapore without long Q.

Another restaurant nearby is Ramen Play, a Japanese restaurant.

Looks attractive

Chef's pick is a must to order.

I personally don't think the foods are nice.

grill chicken

bamboo chicken with uncooked egg

Yes, we are still in Sentosa. Got so much to do right?

Carol likes frozen yogurt a lot.
Wondering what's so nice about it, I tried one of the flavour, it costs bloody $3+ for a scoop.
Tapi....not bad la.

Time to Universal Studio!

I love 4D movies.

Dare you? 80km/hr to 14th floor.

It looks almost the same as Movie World in Australia.

Bought the souvenier bottle for $14+.

:( didn't get to meet Marilyn Monroe.

The hat section

Egypt World

When you have a coward bro/sister who doesn't dare to play anything, yes, your job is to accompany him play everything he dares to play.

Out from Universal Studio.
Hold on, we are still in Sentosa.

The chocolate factory


Out from Sentosa.

Head to Sands!

Outside the hotel.

Luxury shopping inside the hotel.

Crowded food courts

Why we went to the Sands? Only for reason. To visit the sky pool!

enjoy the scenery, the sun rise and sun set.

At night.

Receive a birthday cake to my dad from Hotel. This moose cake is awesome!

Old Airport food court, lots for stalls to make you having a hard time to choose what to eat.

I woke early morning at 8am, stood beside the window for 10 mins, but there were people non-stop coming out from the building.
Then I knew, they were having a marathon from 3am to 11pm :|

Before going to the ariport, went to East Coast road to try the famous bah kut prawn mee.

And now, I'm back to reality.

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