Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Atrium at Empire Hotel

Phew, took me ages to upload these photos, it kept saying error. Anyone knows what's wrong?
You can click the photos to enlarge or to have a clearer look. It's actually very clear, but it looks blur in the post.

Recently we are very romantic. The friends planned to dine in Empire Atrium or Spaghettini. I have no idea whether they are serious or not. Then Kher text me this:

Who would take him seriously since he's a childish man? But he was serious.

I was lucky to be in this dress because I attended a marriage ceremony before that.

The man of the night.
Oh ya, it was kind of celebrating Kher and Carol's birthday.

So we went browsing around at Atrium and decide whether we want to dine there or not. The foods are attractive and irresistible. So...
It's $40 per person for the buffet, but you can get a discount if you have the empire card.

Became one of my fav after Thanis intro me this. It's for ambuyat.

饭桶 in the house. She really love rice a lot.

Love crabs ^^

I'm the only one in the group who love these. The other 3 felt like dying when they smell these.

The pictures above are just a quick shot. After few seconds Carol took the plain rice (as you can see the pic above), I saw her taking chicken rice at another corner :|

I love anything with cream. Eg, carbonara, mushroom sauce, tartar sauce.

Appetizer section

This is mix vege cream soup bla bla bla. The name is very long.
It's creamy, so I love it.

The desserts:

This is awesome <3

When she likes the foods, she will take a lot of them.

I don't know what is this call, but it's very nice!
Chocolate + chocolate cream + moose?

I dislike this bubur jagung. But they like it.


The best shot of us among all the pics we have taken so far ever since we know each other lol
At least he smiles. He always looks like he is forced to take picture.

Beside eating much, we vain much too.


Since we have 2 singers in the group, then we will definitely go sing K. I got funny videos of us singing, but I have problem editing it currently, so next time ^^

Arcade was closing, and we hadn't have enough yet. So next station was DJ Lim.

People who can sing on this stage are mostly good singers. I was amazed that all people who sang on the stage were all in tunes.

Today we went to another romantic dinner again.
Gonna post "what's in your bag" tagged by Jesmine.

Read me again, ciao!

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