Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Another happy moment in the family. My cousin just got married! That's the reason why I didn't blog for more than a week.

So the day before we went to decorate the restaurant for the next day's lunch.


One of the sisters. Dress code was red.

The 1st time meeting my niece since she was born 3 months ago.
She is super "pui" and cute, like a ball!

While waiting for the groom and brothers.
I was the key keeper. Easy job right? Because I wasn't feeling well that day :(

The games part are always funny.

Picture taken at the groom's house.
After that we had lunch at OGH, it was a buffet with REAL LOT choices of foods.

I stun when I entered the ballroom, these are all real flowers and trees.
The theme was Garden by the way.

Cool isn't it?

Had rehearsal on that night, was super sleepy.
Oh! I danced belly solo-ly, but forgot to take a photo of me myself.
The performance was good I guess, since everyone applause. Or they just applause for the foods because they were hungry? (I lead the waitress btw)

We only had the reception the next evening.

Look at the background, the words are made by leaves and flowers.
The emcee was great, very humorous.
The band played good music.
Foods were delicious.
Cameraman and video cameraman are professional. The video was stunning, gonna upload once I have it.
Performers/singers sing nice, very professional.
The sisters are pretty *urhem*
Handsome brothers too *blush* lol
Everything was just perfect!

And ofcourse after party was very HIGH!
Perfect wedding, very successful.
Attended a lot of weddings, and this is the *thumbs up*
No, the dress code that night wasn't blue lol

And a thank you gift from the bride :)

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I want to enjoy every moment of the wedding. I'm gonna miss the interesting part if I keep holding a camera, that's why we employ a cameraman.
Thus, my plan failed. Because I was thinking to use this wedding as a topic in my photography assignment :(

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