Saturday, September 10, 2011

Singapore Trip when Im 21 Part 2

This is the first trip that I buy so little. No heels, no clothes as I mentioned before.

Bought socks because I forgot to bring.
The little jam because it's cute =.=

The box is Biore Make up remover that stated it's "Japan No. 1".
It says can remove waterproof mascara, hmm, I don't think it works well. I still trust eye make up remover.
Removing the make up on your face is OK.

What attracts me is the word "Collagen". From my understanding, any products which stated "Collagen", "Q10" or "hyaluronic acid" can lighten wrinkles. And I definitely need to start using these things to keep beauty. Fear of getting wrinkles x.x

I saw this advert somewhere, the mascara which makes your lashes long like Stiletto. But I cannot find it in Brunei nor Miri.
And I saw it in Singapore. Grab without second thought!

A bigger bag that can suit most of the events which I have been wishing for.
My bag never got an empty space, even now I have this bigger one, it's still always full.
It's S$20 and no one had touched that bag before, because the zip is still new. yay!

I didn't buy a lot at my Singapore Trip because of "this" reason.

Because I bought a camera. Pictures here a bit blur not because of the cam, like later you think why this expensive cam still take blur photos. Because I enlarge the photos, so it turned out a bit blur. And this makes me wanna change another blogger site because, hmm, I cannot figure out how to enlarge the pics without affecting the quality of the photos. U know? Please tell me ^^

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