Saturday, September 17, 2011


The story of my hair became like this begins from when I want to touch up my black hair at the root. As you know, black hair normally darken the original colour of a hair dye, so I said to my hairstylist "Just give me the lightest and brightest colour." It then makes me look like ang-moh-wannabe lol

The responses:
Lee: I'm bringing an ang moh girl.

Dad: You see I have an ang moh daughter.

Mom: Wah...looks like Ayumi liaw.

my maid: che che macam orang putih.

The others: *looking shock*

My hair will only looks nice when I'm wearing make up.
My hair actually has a combination of few colours: The red which I dyed on January, the bleach which I dyed last week. It then resulted a bit of dark brown, a bit hi-light, a bit red.

My comment? Okla, I always love light colours on my hair, I like it being obvious because I'm afraid no one can see my colour x.x
I was shocked in the beginning because I don't know how to face my parents LOL after that...I'm Loving It ba la ba ba ba...

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