Friday, September 16, 2011

The September babies at Senja Lounge

Like WTH we keep celebrating Carol and Kher's birthday right? Nothing, just want to be happy.
We found another cool restaurant. Why? I'm not sure if I can say it here, later I'm in trouble. So u go check out yourself. Or you can figure out by looking at the pictures ^^ And since it's the actual birthday of Kher, we celebrate it again LOL

And when it's the actual birthday of Carol, we celebrate it again. haha

Double cream chicken with fries. Very yummy.

For vegetarian


I read some reviews, and they are popular of Soufle. I didn't try it....and I don't know why lol.

The restaurant actually got a romantic ambiance, the lights are dim. However, I think because of the nice foods, the environment and the "cool" point that it has, it's normally fully booked (that's what I heard, so it's better for you to book instead of getting disappointed when you reach there), thus noisy. The noisy part is just a small matter, you will definitely go there the 2nd, the 3rd etc time.

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