Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's in my bag?

Got a tag from Jesmine "What's in your bag?"

If you're a guy: Sometimes you see girls with big bag and heavy but don't know what we have so much to bring, right? I know I know. I always try to reduce the weight of my bag, taking out the unnecessary, but it's still full and heavy, I don't understand too. I actually don't bring much in my bag.

Just because my bag is always full, so I bought this bigger one.
When girls have a bigger bag, they tend to put more things in it, so no difference. LOL

Car keys, wallet and phone are a must when I go out.
But sometimes a blur lady like me forgot to check whether my wallet has money.

Camera is another must for me. I bring it to everywhere to capture the nice moment that may not happen the 2nd time in my life.
And a spare battery.

Just like few days ago, my friends hate the smell of the seafood. Oh well, lucky I have the mints with me.
It's a need before you kiss :D

A mirror from Jason P. on my birthday.
A spare *the bag thing, I don't know what it calls*. Just in case I want to make my bag sling.
A bluetooth headset especially when I'm driving.

A pen. So important when I go down Miri or travel around.

A small bag to put the small things. I've been using this for more than 10 years.

A comb when my hair gets messy.
A mosquito balm because I'm afraid of them.
Lip balm when my lips get dry.
A lip gloss to look sexy.
A lip stick to look seductive.
A lip brush to put the gloss on.
A hair clip when I'm hot.
A concealer when I look pimplish.

Water is an essential element in our daily life!
I bring it to everywhere. EVERYWHERE!
I don't put it in my bag, normally I leave it in the car. Unless I really need it with me.
For eg, while watching a movie. A movie is normally more than an hour, definitely gone dehydrated w/o the water.

See! Not much things right? They are all small things. But my bag is still heavy :(

Now I tag my bestie Carol. I wanna kepo what's in your bag?

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