Friday, September 30, 2011

吃喝玩乐= 我的天堂

I was craving for spaghetti. Carol and me then agreed to dine in Country Patch.
I like spaghetti in cream sauce/carbonara. I dislike those with tomato paste.
One friend said "High budget o!" Well for me, I don't give a damn on the price if I really crave for it. As long as it's affordable of course. Who would know what happen tomorrow and you can't a chance to eat such delicious foods again.
So eat when you can, exercise after that, earn back after that.

Remember I'm taking a photography course? hehe. Show you my works.

This is the best shot of the week for the topic "Macro/Close up".
I think it's not bad, can make its as your wallpaper haha

Before I choose the best shots, I took a lot of different objects. This below one is one of the macro shots, the failed one, and the most disgusting one *puke*

It's a kutu from the dog. EWWWWW to the max!

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