Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ladies Gone Insane #1: 5 Bowls Rice Challenge

must watch video taken by Tiger Lim.

So, this afternoon I had a challenge with Carol of eating 5 bowl of rice. She is popular of being a 饭桶 in case you don't know.

5 for each of us.
I was so hungry, and at the same time wonder if I can finish them all.

opponent and me ^^

Thanis putting the rice into the "basket".

oh btw, our lunch was sponsored by Pondok Sari Wangi

yes, there were vege too.

Almost finish :'(
And I was eating the 4th plate.

It means don't waste rice, because farmers use a lot of sweat to farm it and earn a little.

This challenge was fun. Now it's 11.12pm, and I still don't feel hungry, but already can feel it's digesting.
However, Carol still feeling full in the stomach.

5 bowls of rice, you dare to challenge us or not? I mean u dare to challenge her or not?
Hey come on, I'm not bad also, I ate around 4 and a half plate of rice. But carol's eating speed was fast.

Thanks to Pondok Sari Wangi for sponsoring *touched*
Thanks to Tiger, Thanis, Denise, Eric and others for the support, judging and video-ing.

Read more at Tiger Lim. Watch the video in his blog to see our actions!

So what's our next challenge? Stay tune!

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