Friday, October 7, 2011

Hong Kong stars and Me

Did you hear the Hong Kong movie stars came to Brunei?

It was a great opportunity that a group of us were "invited" to escort, translate and assist them from 7th (Friday) to 9th (Sunday) October 2011.

Friday was the day they arrived Brunei. I didn't meet them on that day but only Saturday and Sunday. I can't recognise most of them when I see the posters. However, I actually know most of them when I meet them in person. Why put the pictures of them taken like 10 years ago? =.="

So we had breakfast at Orchid Garden Hotel (where they stayed).

Girls, remember, find a boyfriend who takes good photo of you.
Kek dao when I see my tag like that.

Shot 2

Group photo at Royal Regalia

You watched Hong Kong series? They dress similar in reality too.

Next destination: Kampong Ayer

This was freaking me out.
Because 5 of us were at ONE side of the boat, the boat almost couldn't balance.

Kenneth Tsang

Nola, she's not one of the stars lol

So cute

Byron Pang
He is friendly. He poses a lot in front of camera. He's the youngest star in the group.

Wong Chun Tong

He many pattern also when taking pictures.
He didn't join the group but with another Bruneian friend. I was super excited when I see him and requested to take a photo.
He looks like pai kia in reality too.


While waiting for them to pick me up, continue reading this story book.
It's on the cinema now "The sorcerer and white snake".
Well, stories are always slightly changed and shortened in the movies, so I read the book to know the actual story.
okok, this is not the point of this post.

That day they met the fans at Tool Box.
The fans were not as much as the one I escort the Indonesian star last time. But still challenging.

The stars sitting down there.
The fans behind there.
And us in blue and red blocking them.

They had a football match at Mentiri Football field with the Brunei football team.
Before the audiences came, ofcourse need to take the precious chance to take picture with them hehe

Cheng Ka Sang
I was afraid that the leader will scold me if I take picture with stars, so I asked softly if I can take a picture with him.
He replied "Haiya, can! Why so paiseh?" in Chinese.

Kenneth Tsang again.

Liu Kai Chi
I was a bit afraid when I take picture with him because he doesn't seem like love taking photos.

Chuk Man Kwon
I think she came to Brunei before with the family, I think.

Hong Kong team

David Lo
He looks cute.

The stars with their family and friends.

Tang Ying Man
He's friendly, loves to take photo, and poses a lot too.

Group photo with the Brunei team.

白彪 kor in action

Then suddenly 广佐辉 (Kwong Chor Fai) became the broadcaster in Cantonese.

My view watching the football match

The audiences

break time

Ba Biu

After the match, they went back to Empire Hotel to rest. They were tired, but only Byron Pang still energetic to take picture with us.

Actually only few of us took picture with him, but he called all of us to take picture together.

We were very hungry.

Nice working them. Nice chatting with them. Nice getting close with them. Everything was nice!

I never thought that I can get close with the movie stars whom I always see in the TV, who would thought of it? Unbelievable.

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Nick said...

great post... it's surreal, to actually see them all in person, all at the same time...

the boat ride photo was def scary, and some more i was standing! ;p thanks for taking pics of me too! appreciated it! :)