Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party

We celebrated Halloween last Saturday at Gadong. Not sure organised by who, but a group of us (the locals) went chilling at Coffee bean, Cheezebox and go around The Mall.

We have different meeting points, and my group went to Centrepoint to meet.
It was weird wearing the costume and walking from the car to Centrepoint and I see no one wearing costumes. Was thinking "It's already 8pm, will the others be late? We need to wear costumes right?..." Was worrying I'm the only one who wear costumes lol

Photo by Jin Chin
I was a devil that night. And somehow looks a bit like vampire.
Wasn't scary enough, so I added a crack near my chin. Looks like crack, no?

There were few games in Cheezebox, the best Lollita and Spinning game.
I got a $10 Cheezebox voucher.

With the pumpkin.

I love how red and bright the lipstick is. It's Holiday Red from Christian Dior.
Then I found that it's a skill to apply lipstick.
It's very obvious if it's not in lips, since it's bright red.

The coat I'm wearing is from Barely There!
The hairband from Little M.
Make up by me!




This is very scary, I didn't know it was Ridwan!

I was trying not to smile in every pictures.


Harry Potter

I wonder how they make the "blood" looks real.
I actually thought he was Rano at first, may be because he was holding a camera.

Pika pika...

The passer by would tell the friend "Go take picture with her (as in me)"
Then the friend said "saya takut~~!"

Met AG there!


Katy Perry in witch?

Scary in this tone. wahahahahaha!

Ok, was fun. Very fun meeting other monsters.

So, let's join again next year!!

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