Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kitty Alto + Tech Expo

If you read the adverts/news, guess you will know that Boustead releases Hello Kitty Suzuki Alto.
I'm not sure if it's still selling now, because this was few weeks ago :p

Photo taken by Rano

Photo taken by Rano
If you purchase the car, you can get a set of Hello Kitty stuffs for free!

These are one of the gifts

Available in different colours

But they will take out the Hello Kitty stickers once it's on the road, may be can request not to remove the stickers? Because that's what making the car so kawaii!


TechExpo was on 27th-30th October at ICC.

Not as merry as the consumer fair, not as much to see as the consumer fair.

But from there, you can see how advance are technologies nowadays.

One of the booths from Taiwan.
Cute artwork, ain't they?

They are made of rolling papers.
The smallest size costs $3 and you can do it urself at home, instructions are written inside the packaging.

The Angry Bird photo booth.
The wallpaper is very 3D.

There's always a theme booth in this kind of expo.
The theme that day was about animals I think.
The first time I visited their theme booth- Snow world, very long long time ago, it was VERY disappointing because I expected too much, I expected it was really cold inside that you feel like it's snowing.
However, they only made use of aircons =.= and bubbles as the snow.

This time I didn't expect much, I was accompanying Lee to visit there since he never experience the disappointment of this kind of project.

This is the Mirror Amaze.
It has mirror everywhere, and you need to figure your way out.
Ok, this is the only thing that amaze me.

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