Monday, November 28, 2011

Enjoy life like it's not the exam month!

Of course I did study for my exam, because the stress-est exam has over, so enjoy life la.

A lot of people ask why am I not studying when they see the UBD-ians are busy for the exam, because the next exam is language ba, mandarin somemore. MANDARIN!!

So there was one day I visited my cute niece, very pui and cute!! Miss her much

This was when I was bo-liao ing waiting for people, so vaining around ^^

Then attended Janet's birthday.

and Karaoke!

Visited Lao Di Fang to try the foods. Didn't take any pictures of the foods because not in the mood to and I don't take nice foods photos . hehe

So we just playing around with the old bicycle. The special part of the restaurant is they use a lot of antiques to present the style of the restaurant.

It's been long I didn't go to Kuala Lurah. Miss the foods there.
We ordered real lot! Ordered whatever nice foods from there.
Pork something...


Si beh spicy but the others said not even spicy =.=

These are not all, we have finished some of the dishes.

Lol Thanis.
He kept complaining about his big face. Well, he was in front, there's no way to make the face smaller.

Then a funny day with Carol. Took a lot videos, will edit and post them up when I'm free.
We started off by lunch-ing together

Then went to ICC to attend Laneige Musical Broadway.
Won 2 tickets by answering Rano's quiz.

They started late zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

After that at night went to Obsidian Hair Competition. The theme was short hair.
Went to support Lily the model and Andy the male hairdresser.

And what's next that make me so excited is I'm going to Korea, winter Korea!
Spent RM 800+ just on the winter clothes.


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