Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ladies Gone Insane #2: Eating Burger Contest

I know! It's been a long time I didn't update. Because had few small tests and need to rush assignments.
It actually doesn't take me long to blog a post, but I need to edit this video that gave me a lot of problems.

Last month we had an Eating Rice Contest and Carol won.
Last week, we had this Eating Burger Contest.

Me waiting for the arrival of the burger, was really hungry although I ate lunch.

Watch the video to see who won.

If you cannot see clearly in the video, yes, the burger is as big as his head.

And it's definitely bigger than my head.

Carol is very full, you can see that lol

A lot of people ask, "Where do get the burger!?"

It's from Kapow Burger somewhere at Muara.

So so so.....what challenge you want to see?

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