Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November Hauls

This was at Miri and I cut my hair ^^

I seldom go shopping, only buy what I need. This month my wallet is getting thinner.

I tried for fun at the first place, and found that it's nice on me.

It doesn't look nice here. It's very summer.
It's been long that I didn't buy heels.
Another member to my shoe-drobe ^^

I'm going to winter Korea, this thing...woot....costs a lot $$

Buying dvds + cds is a sure thing when go down Miri.
Btw, the Loan Shark movie is terrible boring.

Decided to register a member card in Watson, so I'm buying the eye mask quite often.

This perfume is "love at the first smell". Smell is light and nice.
It's from body shop and is a discontinue product.
This is the last stock. wohoo...

Can't wait to go Korea...wait to see the pictures :)

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