Monday, April 30, 2012


It's a hot movie now right!? But I don't understand why everyone wants to watch it so much, it's just another hero movie. Even in the paper, Avengers took 4 thumbnails at the advert. 

I have already watched it. I didn't watch Iron Man and Hulk, so I'm kinda blur.
And I forgot the story of Captain America and Thor, so blur also until a friend refreshed me. 

I fell asleep in the beginning not sure how long, and I missed the front part. So, blur again!
I woke up and a lot of questions in my head "Why like that ah?"

What made me slept is the comfortable seat that can incline at Kiulap mall cinema ><
I only watched around the middle part of the movie. It's a good movie and funny. 

My manager asked me if I have watch Avengers.
I said "Yes, but I fell alseep a while."
She replied "You're crazy."

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The depression

I know I'll get more depressed day by day, so I have sent my CV to a tuition centre my friend introduced, and have spread news to ask for flexible part time jobs because I'm currently having attachment too.

I cried for every single things, even just a small thing. Just minutes ago, I saw my bag is scratched and I got angry then cried again. My dad sent my car to wash while I was still sleeping in the morning, must be the cleaner who did it! That's my fav bag :'(

I always have a big reaction when I see my things are touched by someone, because I'm afraid people will spoil my things! Just like my bag!

My tears dropped when people ask me "How are you?" because I know I'm not that good.
I got anxious when my friend don't reply my messages within a minute, I know not everyone is free.
I'm so happy when I see "typing..." when I'm waiting for friend's reply.
I need concern from everyone I contact.
I know I'm crazy but I can't help.
That's why I'm trying to make myself busy to prevent my condition getting worst, however, it's so hard to get busy.

Sorry that you guys need to read such sad post.
I hope myself can stop being annoying and stop these shytes.
I want to get well soon...

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Your girlfriend is angry at you?
Don't want to talk to you?
You don't know what to do?



Recently sometimes moody, sometimes temper out of control.
Carol's 9 flowers cheered me up;
A small cake made my day. 
I'm so easy to be happy~ coz of these awesome friends. 

It goes the same for the guys too I think. 
Just wear a bit sexy to cheer them up lol...kidding

Have a good weekend :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

HSBC walk run CYCLE 2

Hm, I just realised I didn't take a picture of the whole. 

Anyway, the registration is already closed because has reached 6000 participants!

I was told by a friend that in other countries, they have this Walk, Run AND Cycle altogether in a given distance. I was :O I never thought of that! I am joining 11.5km, I think by the time I need to Run, I have already fainted. 

I quickly check their website again, it says Walk, Run OR Cycle. So, we should be choosing one of the 3 right? Lol-ness, hopefully~~

6km cycling sounds short, ya right. I have tried to cycle in the gym. Starting to get tired at 2km x.x

May be I'll be cycling around KB on Saturday night. yohoo! Everyone is practising, I must do my best too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Toughest Question in my Life

Alright, I said I want to talk about "The toughest question in my life."

Question like "Do you love me?" "Can you be my girlfriend?" I know they are hard questions for some people, but it's not a problem for  me.
Because I'll say Yes if yes, No if no. Nothing hard.
Unless I "", may be that shows a sign that I'm not sure, but seldom happen.

Question like "Where did you eat?" "Have you submit...?" 
These are so damn easy questions, and I don't understand why some people like to answer "adalah..." "Got la..." "You ask Michelle (for eg) la!" It's not secretive. Why do you want me to ask someone else what you have eaten? =.="
It's annoying, I don't know what's wrong asking what did they eat. May be I should not be kepo. But sometimes it's a concern, especially when you haven't see your friend for long.
Who really give a damn on what you eat, it's an introduction when you see each other. duuh...
There was a time, I slammed the door when my friend replied "adalah" when I asked her where did she dinner, really beh song!

Questions in the exam papers are tough, yea. You are a genius if you don't agree, I hope to have your brain.

Questions asked by my parents are tough. I find it tough sometimes may be because I'm afraid of my parents.
It was tough when I was a teen when I want to tell them I have a party at friend's house. And my dad actually taught me not to say party if I ask my mom, should say "I have a dinner over my friend's house." Sound pretty like a good girl huh.
I was afraid when they ask what time I'll be home. Because I know I'll be late.

So now, in my 21, The Toughest Question in my Life at the moment is "Where you want to dinner?" "What do you want to eat?" 
It's really a headache for me. I'll prefer others to decide where to eat, unless I'm craving for something where I normally will voice out automatically before anyone asking.
Sometimes I'll suggest "Chicken rice?" and my friend went "Don't want la..." Then you decide lo...why ask me.
There was one time 5 of us, all are not decision makers, started asking one and another to decide where to eat, it took quite a long time. lol
One more kik one is, when I asked Carol to decide where to eat, she would say "OK! Empire lah!" That's the only reason why I appear in Empire.

If you ask me what I want to eat...
If you ask me during the weekdays lunch time, I'll say Lao Di Fang.
If you ask me during the weekdays dinner time, I'll say Tian Tian Chicken Rice.
If you say you want Gadong, I'll say Cheezebox, Food court or Ideal.
If you want Kiulap, I'll say Shabu Shabu or TPH.
If you kena lottery and want to celebrate, I'll say Autrium /Pantai at Empire.
If all not satisfy, OK~ go home cook instant noodle better :)

I like to eat at home actually, there's no menu for me to think what I want to eat. I only cook whatever my home has.
Not instant noodle la, I eat instant noodle like once a month. I do groceries shopping okay~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rano in the glass box

Last Saturday night, when I was looking for parking at the Mall, I saw familiar "back" in a glass box. Wondering if it was Rano, yea it was him. 

I then approached and visited him in the cage. I took this photo from outside...

he took this photo from inside.

I saw his twiiter talking about glass box but I wasn't sure what was he talking about, thought he was being childish. lol

Yea, he was is this glass box promoting HSBC.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Z-Doom with the April Babies

The April babies (Jayden, Shenny & Jee Wei) celebrated their birthday last Saturday.

Surprised to see my cousin there. 
Nahh...It's not the first time we party together. 

What's a lot? Not the booze.
But a lot of Sui Cha Boh!

Instagram is more important than the candles burning out .

Birthday girl 1

Birthday boy

Birthday girl 2

mienn king no steady.

Hit the dance floor!

More pictures in FB! ^^

Thursday, April 19, 2012

HSBC walk run CYCLE

Photo by HSBC

I'm joining 6km cycling because beginner is not allowed to join 11.5km. I'm looking forward to it!

Who wanna join me? Go register now and make sure your bike is in good condition. 

See you there~ :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Tadaa...recently receive a lot of gifts. 

I was so lonely sometimes, depress and whatever, and I complained to Carol. 

A friend told me that he needs to go to the florist for his company, then he came out with a beautiful bunch of flowers. I was thinking "need so pretty meh if want to show boss."

I then said "Thank You" jokingly when he asked me to hold it from him. 

He, "It's really for you, but it's not from me."

I can't think of anyone who would give me flowers, then he said, "'s from Carol."

Was still suspecting and wonder if he was serious, but yea, it was really from Carol. LOL

I posted at Facebook where most of the people misunderstood and thought it's from a guy. lol

If it's really from a guy, I don't think I dare to post such disgusting caption.

Was so touched coz she gave me the flowers just to cheer me up. 
Awesome girlfriend I have :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello Kitty 2-in-1 pillow

Tadaa...An early birthday present from Dk. Very early I know...

I can sleep on it.

If you unzip it...

It's a blanket!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Not Naughty movie

This Singapore movie is highly recommended

I don't even have 0.0001% of regret after watching it. 

It is really funny, touching and somehow sending a message to parents and children about the society nowadays, where may be parents should concern and don't misunderstand their kids, etc. I laughed till tears drop, even the other audiences, really beh tahan. 

Jack Neo's movie never disappoint me. I watched his "Liang Po Po" when I was a kid, then I'm Not Stupid etc those awesome Singapore movies. Never got disappointed!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Caliente the Spanish Restaurant

On one lovely day...

I decided to try the Spanish restaurant at Kiulap Regent Square, Caliente

The restaurant is very reddish.
I like the pictures on the wall, opps, forgot to take some pics of them. They are pictures of latin dance, and some sexy girls.

Was surprised to see these alcoholic drink w/o alcohol.
The best seller is Mojito, I didn't order that because I don't really like the taste of the leaves. 

Beers too
Gonna try the beer with chilli next time. 

Margarita Blue
See the edge with salt, really got the cocktail feel. 
I like to drink it with the salt, FEEL!

Shirley Temple
A bit sweet and sour

This is the cold appetizer Tortilla Espanola
 Wedges of silvered potatoes  in a fluffy herbed egg omelete
I like this! tastes a bit like yam tho.

This is a another appetizer Caliente Selection of Hot and Cold Tapas
Hors d ouvres of Gambas Espanola, Beef chorizo and Mushroom stuffed with spinach and cheese
This is not bad too!

A close shot of Hors d ouvres of Gambas Espanola

Close shot of Beef chorizo

The inside of Mushroom stuffed with spinach and cheese

. I'm hungry now while typing this.

Papas Arrugadas
Crystallised whole potato topped with mojo sauce
The sauce is lemon + orange. It tastes awesome with the sauce 

Arroz con Cordero
Fried rice served with aromatic lamd shank
This is not very satisfying because the lamb is a bit too hard. Overcooked I guess.

I thought it's a typical western restaurant with lamb chop or steak, but this is something different.
Something that I never tasted before. Kinda boring eating the same thing everytime, at least here's another restaurant with special foods.
The foods are not served slow.
Nice foods and awesome treat by Dk :)