Monday, April 2, 2012

Dreams will only come true if you make effort

On one lovely day...

I suddenly realise I have so much plans in my mind, which I wonder if I can make them come true. It would be so easy if I'm rich and no barriers.

They are plans on the awesome month of the year, December.

In the beginning of the month, I hope I can go find Carol at Zoukout Singapore.
In the mid, I hope I apply successfully to join the Japan trip with the uni. It will be the last chance for me to apply because I'm graduating soon. 
End of December, heard that Sammi Cheng is going to have a concert in Hong Kong. I hope it's a world tour so I can rather watch her in Malaysia or Singapore. 
Then I hope the concert will be in Singapore instead of Malaysia because since I'm planning to go Singapore.
Then actually I hope to go travel somewhere in the summer break, but since I'm going to spend of much money in the Dec, urh...plan blown.

I have so much to consider/worry:
- I worry my exam clashes the period that I want to go Singapore.
- Worry my dad hopes me to join the family trip, then I may not be able to travel as I wish.

Damn, I just wish everything will go smooth and easy, no barriers stopping me again and again. 

And I'm looking hard for money like usual, but now I putting more effort just to make all my dreams come true. 
Gonna apply for a part time tuition tutor. I always have no confident in teaching students because I'm afraid I forgot the syllabus, I'm afraid the parents gonna blame me because their children fail, afraid of pressure the tuition centre gives me. 
But now whatever la, suddenly the confident comes when I really need it. I was so good in Commerce in my secondary time, and now I'm a business student, so nothing hard for me right? Then I'll just GO FOR IT!

On a sunny Saturday

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