Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Tadaa...recently receive a lot of gifts. 

I was so lonely sometimes, depress and whatever, and I complained to Carol. 

A friend told me that he needs to go to the florist for his company, then he came out with a beautiful bunch of flowers. I was thinking "need so pretty meh if want to show boss."

I then said "Thank You" jokingly when he asked me to hold it from him. 

He, "It's really for you, but it's not from me."

I can't think of anyone who would give me flowers, then he said, "...it's from Carol."

Was still suspecting and wonder if he was serious, but yea, it was really from Carol. LOL

I posted at Facebook where most of the people misunderstood and thought it's from a guy. lol

If it's really from a guy, I don't think I dare to post such disgusting caption.

Was so touched coz she gave me the flowers just to cheer me up. 
Awesome girlfriend I have :)

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